Steel Sheep

Attending a performance of Steel Sheep is a “tutti-frutti” therapy session; there is zen and provocation, there are tears and there is glee, there is intense confrontation and mutually accepted distance. The familiar diatonic and consonant heritage of Celtic Music (to those from the West) offers a safe place “Steel Sheep” can call home; this is where most of their original compositions come from. Home, however, we often leave in search of novelty, or just for the sake of changing our environment and enriching our perspectives. The music of Steel Sheep does exactly that to its Celtic musical hometown and tries playing with all sorts of musical styles and engaging in experiments whilst being – often awkwardly – reminded that they are indeed just Celts. This in turn makes for a fairly easy listening experience and Steel Sheep, just like the Celts, love that. Music is after all, for everyone. Playing for your ears only: Bela Horvat (USA/SLO) – Violin Virxilio da Silva Fernandez Aguin (ES) – Guitar Matthew Adomeit (USA) – Contrabass

This truly is all that needs to be said of the music of Steel Sheep. Shortly though about the band members; well, it’s semi interesting. Three Caucasian males (median age = 28) who, regardless of coming from different parts of the world, are connected through the globally spread Celtic musical Heritage: Virxilio comes from the Spanish region of Galicia, which is of Celtic origin, Matt grew up in the US where he met up with Appalachian music and Bluegrass (also essentially Celtic) and Bela grew up in Scotland. They met at the Conservatorium in Amsterdam where they all happened to be studying Jazz at the same time and unanimously agreed, that they much prefer other types of music over academic Jazz. Matt wrote some of songs and the band performed them during Matt’s Master Final Exam. Ever since, the musical collaboration has been an inseparable, exclusive, intense, and unstoppable process, the fruits of which Steel Sheep kindly invites you to come and listen too.