Touch Sound

What is the connection between movement and sound? Certainly sonicality can inspire to move, and dance can be an interpretation of music. But at the same time, sounds from an acoustic instrument are also physically triggered by motion, a stroke of a bow, a pluck of a string, a knock on wood. In order to research this double-sided relationship, Thalia Laric and Jonathan Nagel in their duet work explore abandoning the traditional roles of musician, dancer, instrument, in order to permutate all given elements in various ways. What happens if a movement gets translated from one human body to another, which then triggers a noise? What happens when an instrument becomes a dance partner? Where are potential passageways for transformation from physical to sonic events and vice-versa? How can touch influence music? All those questions form the core of this duo research, which will be investigated and displayed in a playful and curious way, and with each performance, new aspects and facets of this exploration come to surface. It is our goal to invite the audience to experience new relations between movement and sound, to unveil questions about roles in performance art, and to highlight the commonalities between different art forms and genres.