The Delft Fringe Festival Coin: easy and quick.

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Delft Fringe Festival coin

The fastest and easiest way to pay for performances and concerts at the Delft Fringe Festival is the Delft Fringe Festival Coin. The Delft Fringe Festival Coin has a value of 2,50 euro, halved 1,25 euro. You can only purchase whole coins (value: 2,50 euro) at the festival box offices. 80% of the earnings of every Delft Fringe Festival Coin goes to the performer, while the remaining 20% is intended for the organization of next year’s festival. Feel free to award any artist after his/her performance with extra coins! All performances cost the same, namely 3 coins.

Get a discount with the Delft Fringe Festival Wristband 

With our special Delft Fringe Festival Wristband you can enjoy exclusive benefits on all performances. Buy the Delft Fringe Festival Wristband for merely € 2,50 once-only and enjoy a discount of 1 Delft Fringe coin at every performance you visit. This results in a discount of 2.50 euro per performance you attend.

Box Office information

During the festival there are two major box offices: the central box office at the Rietveld Theatre (Rietveld 49, Delft) and the box office, situated on the central market place. At these box offices, you can purchase your Delft Fringe Festival Wristband and Delft Fringe Festival Coins. You can pay in cash or use PIN/bank cards.

Left-over Delft Fringe Festival Coins after the festival?

You can exchange them for cash at the Central Box Office at the Rietveld Theatre (Rietveld 49) during opening hours. 80% (€ 2,00) of every coin is refundable. Exchange is possible up until Sunday 10th of June (17:00). Please note: a refund will be paid out in cash only.