Experience the Delft Fringe Festival in a unique way.


Surprise Tour

Every day our Delft Fringe programmers compose a special surprise tour that will guide you along three different performances. The tour is accompanied by an official guide from Via Vanessa who, in between performances, will tell you everything there is to know about the special locations of the festival and the historical city centre of Delft. Let yourself be surprised!


Surprise Tour • € 29,50

Surprise Tour & Lunch • € 37,50

Surprise Tour & Festival Snack • € 39,50

Start of the Surprise Tour

Monday until Saturday Evening | 19:00 hrs
Saturday & Sunday Afternoon | 13:00 hrs


Get on board with the skipper of the Delft Fringe Festival and experience the festival from across the water. Under the supervision of an official guide from Via Vanessa, you will see the most beautiful historic buildings, the centuries-old canals and you will dock at three special locations where you can enjoy performances that are located near the water.


Canaltour • € 34,50

Canaltour & Lunch • € 42,00

Canaltour & Festival Snack • € 44,50

Start of the Canaltour

Saturday Evening | 18:45 hrs
Saturday & Sunday Afternoon | 12:45 hrs

Family Tour

Discover the Delft Fringe Festival together with your children on our Family Tour. You get to visit two different family performances (enjoyable for young and old) and in between performances, you get to go on an exciting quest throughout the historic city centre of Delft, under the guidance of a city guide from Via Vanessa. Included for the children there is lemonade and candy. The tour takes up about 2,5 hours.


Family Tour • € 16,50

Family Tour & Lunch • € 24,00

Start of the Family Tour

Saturday & Sunday Afternoon | 13:00 hrs