Support the festival and give future talent a chance!

Become a friend.

Every year, in early June, the Delft Fringe Festival offers a stage to a new generation of upcoming performing artists. In unexpected locations, throughout the city centre of Delft, meetings take place between the artists and their audience.

Over the years, the Delft Fringe Festival has become one of the most important and biggest festival for upcoming artists. You can contribute to the bright future of these upcoming artists. Support the festival and give future talent a chance!

Starting from € 25 per year you can join our Delft Fringe Friend Community. In return for your contribution and friendship, we invite you to one of our special Delft Fringe Nights and you will be the first to receive our next year’s’ festival magazine. Moreover, you get a priority arrangement for the tickets of the festival.

The Organization Delft Fringe Festival is registered at the Tax Office as an Institution for Public Benefit (ANBI). And has the culturele ANBI-status. As of January, 1 2012, the new Act of Giving was introduced, making it even more interesting, for individuals and businesses alike, to financially support cultural institutions. See below for more information on how to support the Delft Fringe Festival.

As a company, you bear a warm heart towards the festival? We would be happy to meet you! We offer a wide scala of opportunities for businesses to gain more visibility and to broaden their netwerk, by creating relevant and interesting meetings. In addition you can also sponsor us through the exchanging of expertise, through goods and services. We always find a way to benefit all parties. Want to know more? Roel Funcken, (roel@delftfringefestival.nl), is happy to discuss the different possibilities with you.