The largest and most important festival for young artists.

In short.

The Delft Fringe Festival is one of the largest and most important theatre festivals for young artists in the Netherlands. During a period of 11 days the Delft Fringe Festival presents annually more than 400 performances of 50 upcoming artists on 23 surprising locations in the historic city centre of Delft. The exciting combination of unexpected locations and ambitious talent makes the festival an annual must-see during the summer.

The Delft Fringe Festival offers young artists the oppurtunity to form a vital ‘ missing link ‘ between education and performing in their field. Often, after graduation,  young artists have difficulties to find their way in the performing arts sector. There are few play areas where young artists can show their talent and competition is fierce. The Delft Fringe Festival offers artists the opportunity to try out their talent in public and to gain some experience along the way. 

One of the strenghts of the Delft Fringe Festival is that visitors can experience performances in unexpected and special places. Performances take place in living rooms, houseboats, churches, a mill, a city farm and in the oldest bar in Delft. During the 11 days of the Delft Fringe Festival, you get to experience stimulating art of talented artists with guts in a special way. Individuality, expressiveness and tantalizing concepts form the driving force for the creation of the programming.