Name of the institution
Stichting Delft Fringe Festival

RSIN/Tax Number
858042630 / 69862753

Foundation Delft Fringe Festival, situated in Delft, aims to support artists in their professional development, to offer existing and new theatre-going public a unique cultural experience and to widen and improve the cultural properties throughout the city of Delft.

Composition of the Board
The Board of the Foundation consists of a fixed number of least 1 member appointed by the Supervisory Board, being Roel Funcken W.A., who has only/independent jurisdiction.

The Foundation has a supervisory board, which consists of the following individuals:

Dhr. B.R. Beeftink, chair
Dhr. S. van Dijk
Mevr. C.C.A. Stulemeijer

Policy Plan
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Compensation Policy
The members of the Supervisory Board of the Delft Fringe Festival enjoy no fee for their work, but do have the right to compensation for the costs incurred in the performance of their duties. Foundation Delft Fringe Festival has no officers in service that have received a remuneration above the applicable WNT-maximum.