These are our future motivations and ambitions.

Aims & Objectives.

The Delft Fringe Festival organizes an annual theatre festival and additional programming with the purpose of bringing young artists and their audience together in unexpected locations, by using the city of Delft as a stage. The Delft Fringe Festival aims to support the artists in their professional development, to offer existing and new theatre-going public a unique cultural experience and to widen and improve the cultural properties throughout the city of Delft. Our core values are diversity and accessibilty.

The Delft Fringe Festival has the following objectives:

  1. Providing new opportunities for artists to help them along in their development on a substantive and/or business level;
  2. Appeal to new theatre-going public for the performing arts, both on the festival as during the year;
  3. Providing a structural contribution to the promotion of the city of Delft, as a city of culture and innovation.